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Joy of Dance meets Precision of Pilates to deliver fun, effective workouts nourishing for body and soul.


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About the Workout

Elevé is a dynamic full body workout. It is a movement sanctuary, where the joy of dance, precision of Pilates, and the effectiveness of functional training converge to elevate your movement experience on and off the mat. It blends low impact sculpting series, built on elements of Pilates, barre and functional training, with easy to follow dance cardio, to lengthen, tone, and feel great during and after working out. A continuous, music driven, flow of movement helps to increase the heart rate and break a sweat, while strengthening the body and energizing the mind.

About the Founder

Katya Bryleva is a creator and founder of Elevé, a celebrity trainer, professional dancer and a model with over 15 years of experience in fitness. Born and raised in Russia, she started dance training at an early age. Upon moving to NYC she has been expanding her knowledge in fitness, getting certified in mat Pilates and holistic health coaching. She taught group classes and personal training sessions at Casa Cipriani, Presher fitness, Tracy Anderson method , Soho House in NYC, Miami, Hamptons, LA and Dallas. Her fitness brand “Elevé “ and approach to fitness was born as a result of combining years of movement experience and belief that the benefits of working out stretch beyond the physical ones. Elevé is about standing taller, being strong and confident on and off the mat, and enjoying the journey. As a dancer and a model she worked with many brands, such as Reebok, Victoria Secret, e.l.f cosmetics, Scheels, Danskin, Fabletics, appeared on “Good Morning America”, Today’s show, music videos and toured with a dance show all over the USA and Mexico. She brings the same passion and energy to teaching and helping her clients to feel their best as she brought to her performance career.


The Elevé workout is very engaging and targets the whole body in an energetic and holistic way - most of all, it is fun! It doesn't feel like a workout when I'm doing it, but the results are definitely visible. I've now trained with Katya one-on-one for over a year and I have dramatically increased core strength and overall lean muscle tone, and my old injuries (that date back before I knew Katya) no longer cause me chronic pain.


With her thoughtfully-crafted workouts that are high energy— and as fun as they are challenging — Katya is as good as it gets. Focusing on strength and movement at the core, her attention to form is unrivaled and intentionally designed for results. Having been fortunate enough to train with her for over a decade, I can honestly say that no workout has been as effective as enjoyable. Even when time is limited, the physical and emotional benefits are astounding.


Elevé workouts helped me to get through one of the toughest years in my life . With the pandemic and my torn ligament it was hard not to feel defeated. Until I started working out with Katya. Thanks to physical therapy and sessions with Katya not only I fully recovered from being barely able to walk, but came back stronger than ever. Both mentally and physically. And the workout playlists are always on point, I often catch myself singing along.


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